In order to receive a refund, an order must be cancelled by Saturday by 11:59 pm.

Our delivery drivers commit to make every attempt at successful delivery to the address provided during the week of service ordered. As the meals are prepared only once they're ordered and are of a perishable nature, Rawvolution will not be responsible for missed deliveries due to client error. Client error includes (but is not limited to) providing an incorrect or incomplete name, address, or phone number; not being available in person or by representative at the address provided or by telephone at the time of delivery (delivery times are posted on our Frequently Asked Questions page); not returning our calls or messages; and/or the existence of unsafe premises and/or circumstances at the address provided at the original time of delivery.

We are happy to issue refunds for individual items that arrive via UPS that no longer meet our freshness standards. As our meals are packaged functionally, to arrive safely when shipped cross-country via UPS, and not aesthetically, we cannot offer refunds based on the aesthetic appearance of the vacuum-sealed items.