Rawvolution is committed to sustainable practices that are good for people and our planet. Here are the ways we've honored that commitment since 2001:
  • We support organic farming practices by sourcing organic ingredients exclusively– one hundred percent of the time! This helps to keep tons of toxic chemicals from entering the environment each year.
  • We're one hundred percent plant-based. A plant-based diet is the single most impactful way to reduce ones environmental footprint and eating plants reduces the destructive effects of animal agriculture on our ecosystem.
  • Most of our packaging is fully curbside recyclable and we're always on the lookout for more sustainable options. We also recollect clean delivery cartons and glass jars for re-use.
  • Our deliveries within Los Angeles are made in electric delivery vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We collect all of our produce scraps for compost– keeping many tons of waste from reaching landfills each year.