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About the Raw Box

What is the Raw Box?

The Raw Box contains fully-prepared raw vegan meals including two fresh-pressed juices, four gourmet entrées, four generous sides, and two low-glycemic desserts. No cooking required!

How Much Food is in the Raw Box?

The Raw Box contains twelve fully-prepared dishes that tends to provide one person about four to five days of lunches and dinners. Some of our clients find the Raw Box lasts nearly a full week!

Where and When is it Delivered?

The Raw Box is available nationwide! In Los Angeles, the Raw Box is delivered by hybrid vehicle every Monday. Outside Los Angeles, Raw Box deliveries arrive via FedEx every Tuesday.

Why Raw?

Lose Weight!

Eating raw, plant-based foods can help you achieve a healthy, balanced body weight. The meals are light, but nutritionally-rich, incredibly flavorful, and wholly satisfying.

Feel Great!

Raw foods maintain their natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. They're packed with living nutrition to help you feel energized, stay healthy, and look and feel your best!

Always Organic– Never Conventional

For your health and for the health of the planet, we're completely committed to organics. Every ingredient in every dish we serve is always organic, all of the time. This means cleaner food for you!

Made in Sunny Southern California

We source the finest and freshest ingredients that SoCal has to offer. Many of our ingredients are still in the farmer's field the day before we buy them at market. This means fresher food for you!

Real Deal Since 2001

As the first and premier raw vegan meal service, we have the experience, recipes, and techniques to turn raw ingredients into unique, flavorful, gourmet meals. This means tastier food for you!

Alicia Silverstone

“What I love about The Box is that it’s vegan, plant-based food that’s healthy for both people and the planet. Rawvolution puts so much love into the food. It’s truly an inspiration. My favorites are the Big Matt with Cheese and the Chocolate Coconut Brownie– delicious!”

Susan Sarandon

"I truly appreciate the convenience of The Box and how well it works with my busy schedule. It provides what everyone seems to want; healthy, organic meals– delivered to your home! Rawvolution makes raw food very accessible!"


Our original collection of over 80 inventive and delectable raw recipes, a bestseller, and an ever-popular classic in the canon of modern raw recipe books. HarperCollins, 2006

The Rawvolution Continues

Our latest collection of over 150 amazing raw recipes, a history of the raw foods movement, and a recipient of a Nautilus Book Award for social and environmental justice. Simon & Schuster, 2013