I received my first Box today. Check one thing off my bucket list. I am so excited you have expanded your shipping area. I so much enjoyed my first meal. It was amazing! So are you and your staff. Thank you so much. I feel the love!   –Julie C, Elkhart, IN


The portions are quite generous and I appreciate all of the hard work that went into the preparation.   – Erin L,  Englewood, NJ


I'm as carnivorous as they come. We're talking "Ron Swanson three-inch-thick, prime-rib" carnivorous. I began ordering the Box to help me get more in-shape and ensure I had healthy, diet-friendly food at home. I had mentally prepared myself for the worst. If this "shudder" vegan food is what it would take to live longer and someday meet my grandchildren, so be it. It turns out I had nothing to worry about. This stuff is delicious. The juices aren't from a carton; they're not even from a luxury market. They're the type of crazy-delicious juice you only get when someone goes to the effort to do it by hand. The meals are great leaving me satisfied and full, but not stuffed. Even better, it's delicious enough, that I'm eating by choice when I could viably have something else. I've got several different salads in the fridge for snack and side dishes. I've got entrées for lunch and dinner. It's also obvious that a lot of time and meticulous work was done to achieve these meals. They're worth every penny. While I won't be going full vegan any time soon, when I received my first Box I realized for the first time it wouldn't be the end of the world if I ever decided to do so. My favorite dish so far? The Soft Tacos!   –Andrew S, Los Angeles, CA


Ordering the weekly Box is such a game changer for me. I get to eat really healthy meals, and I save so much time, because I don't have to cook. And, the food tastes great! I couldn't be happier and am so grateful I was referred to Rawvolution!   –Monique B, Los Angeles, CA


Incredibly good food. Raw is new for me, so I'm very excited that I had a solid, yummy introduction. The desserts were amazing and my favorite was the Pineapple Pizza. To have healthy meals prepared for me to eat all week was such a gift!   –Angela


This week will make my third order and I’m feeling wonderful! The food is amazing, I no longer crave cake or candy. I feel lighter, think clearer. Rawvolution is Fabulous!   –Stacie S, New York, NY


Rawvolution creator Matt is a genius! I have ordered the Box for a couple years and the Box still amazes me with its tasty variety. I love and appreciate his new creations to keep my taste buds happy. It’s fun to see what he can do with raw ingredients, keeping it healthy while making it look and often taste like the "unhealthier" version. Some of my favorites are the Enchilada Blanca, and the Greek Pizza. They’re amazing!! I absolutely LOVE the Cinnamon Raisin Balls too! Seriously– your body AND taste buds will love you for ordering.–Kathryn S, Los Angeles, CA


The Box is delicious! The raw organic vegan ingredients are amazing, tasty and complex. I used them for lunches, except for the Cheesy Broccoli which I had with dinner twice. I stuffed tomatoes with the Creamy Sunflower Sea Salad and placed them on a bed of the delicious Tabouli Salad. Every day I had a wonderful satisfying well-balanced meal. The ingredients were divine and healthy. Loved it all! The Box has a wonderful variety of complex ingredients which are very pleasing to the pallet. It was great to have prepared healthy food every day to grab on the run, and fun to create masterpiece lunches for friends and family with my own additions of mixed greens, tomatoes, and avocados. This box is like having a personal chef who cares about your well-being. It's truly amazing!   –Val C , Los Angeles, CA


Rawvolution takes care to add special seasonal delights to the box, such as Summertime (watermelon, mint) juice in summer, and light Marinated Dark Leafies with a savory sauce. The Falafel Wrap with the raw hummus is delicious in any season, and the Peach Cream Parfait was a new surprise. Loved it! The Creamy Sunflower Sea Salad is generous and adds some heft. The Turmeric Chop Salad was amazing– so satisfying and one of the best dishes yet! The Cucumber Dill Salad is always fresh and delicious. Loved the crisp flavors of the Pear Crumble!   –Dr. Catherine E, Los Angeles, CA


The Box is really fantastic, and super inspiring! After a few weeks of food docs, taking in Forks over Knives, Food Choices, Food Inc., etc., we decided it was time to go for a full raw plant-based life, and used the Box to help kick start our new raw regime. Raw is delicious, and Rawvolution is a super easy and convenient way to enjoy going raw. The Box provides a simply perfect way of opening your mind to a completely new way of thinking about food. I can't recommend it highly enough.   –Andrew E


Matt is a raw food guru! I've been getting the Box for a few years. Last weeks Box had my favorite dessert– the Cinnamon Raisin Balls (the BEST!!), plus I'm a big fan of the Tropical Fruit Parfait. I LOVED the new Cocophoria Sandwich– a fabulous combination of flavors and crunch!! And the Cool Grass juice is SO refreshing– yum. Also, the Nut Loaf is amazing! Matt's a genius. All raw and great for your body too! –Kat, Los Angeles, CA


I love eating raw food. It makes me feel great. I've been ordering the Box for several years now. The food arrives fresh and tastes amazing.       –Kim S , Los Angeles, CA


I have been looking for alternative to cooking, going out to restaurants, and other delivery services. I believe I've found the perfect match! You can beat raw with great taste!   –John H, Los Angeles, CA


Delicious raw food at such a reasonable price. The Superfood Energy Balls are the best dessert I think I've ever had. EVER. The Turmeric Chop Salad was my other favorite. I ate all of it and then stole my boyfriend's as well. You snooze– you lose.   –Jera A, Los Angeles, CA


I am so happy and appreciative for my delivered raw food meals that I don't know where to begin. I have so much to say about this but I guess I'll start with the fact that this has been a balancer and a blessing for me. I've read in the book RAWvolution that they deliver in L.A.. I've owned this book for several years now and since then I have been diagnosed with sacroiliitis, a condition that is extremely painful and can deteriorate the bones through time if not treated so I was desperate for a change. I must say since being in the raw food life style it has significantly decreased my pain levels along with my attitude, vanquishing my depression from it. The reason why I am able to stick with the raw food diet is simply because my meals are pre-made and delivered. I don't drive anymore and again because of my life changing condition and I'm not able to walk for very long periods of time due to pain so having the raw food meals delivered has been my sunshine. The care in the delivery inspires me to keep with my healing regimen on a daily basis. When I eat these meals I am more conscious of how I am honoring myself, feeling the manner of honor of how these meals were made, being aware that my food is medicine and a meditation of healing for me. I truly feel the love, thought and care put into these meals right into their careful delivery on my dear doorstep. It means a lot. In closing, I personally find it is truly important how we fuel our body's on a daily basis and how it is an important choice that we all make everyday. Although I have always known this, this committed change of diet/lifestyle and healing body I have, is crystal clear to me on this fact. I could say more but I think for now I'll just say thank you. Thank you Rawvolution!   –Avera V, Los Angeles, CA


The Rawvolution Box is a great way to have raw organic meals available for 3 or 4 days out of the week. Everything is already prepared– no chopping, juicing, or preparation of any kind. It also minimizes the driving and shopping it would take to get the ingredients. I just go to my refrigerator and take out the containers for the meal that I want at that time. The price is also very reasonable. Some of my favorites are the Cucumber Dill Salad, Heirloom Tomato Salad, all the sandwiches, and pizzas.   –Danny C, Los Angeles, CA


Wow. I'm filled with gratitude for your healing work to make us all juicier, healthier. Your devotion makes us better conductors of the light and compassion you clearly add as a primary ingredient to this colorful, zesty, creative, yummy food!   –Steph J, La Quinta, CA