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How long will The Box last?
This depends on a number of variables such as your general appetite, the amount of raw foods you are used to eating, what foods you are eating in addition to The Box etc. The Box contains twelve items and is designed to last one person four to five days (lunches and dinners).
Some customers eat the desserts for breakfast as they are made from only fruit and nuts. Sometimes, our male customers go through the box somewhat quicker while some female customers find it lasts nearly a full week. We suggest you try it and see for yourself.

How long will the food stay fresh?
Most items will remain fresh for five days after receipt of your Box when refrigerated.

I'm athletic, will this food have enough protein for me?
Each Box contains an average of 240 grams of protein (48-59 grams per day). According to the American Dietetic Association the average person will not suffer a protein deficiency if they eat a variety of fruits and vegetables in a 24-48 hour period. There is protein in all fruits, vegetable, nuts and seeds.
If you feel you require still more protein, we suggest the only organic, vegan and raw protein supplement, Hemp Protein which is available at our cafés.

Do you employ the principles of proper food combining?
Yes, to some degree. Basic food combining guidelines are kept with the understanding that our primary goal is to provide you with nutritious, raw food that is tasty and enjoyable.

Do you use tofu or soy products?
We use no tofu and no soy products whatsoever!

I'm allergic to wheat / grain. Do you use these ingredients?
We use no wheat or grain products whatsoever!

Will I lose weight eating this food?
Yes; if you need to. Raw food has a tendency to normalize one's body weight. An average Box (which includes lunches and dinners for four to five days), contains less than 6,000 total calories. The average four to five day caloric intake for lunches and dinners is over 7,000 (based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet). Even if you were to eat 2 Boxes per week (breakfast, lunch and dinner), you would still only be consuming an average of 1,714 calories per day.
The raw ingredients we use that contain fat (nuts and seeds etc.), naturally contain an enzyme called lipase that digest fat and allow them to be metabolized by the body and not stored as fat. Since our food is not cooked, it maintains the lipase as well as other important enzymes (protease and amylase etc.). Ultra-low fat diets, those recommending below 10% of caloric intake from fat, have been shown to greatly increase the risk of deficiencies of essential fatty acids (EFAs). EFAs are basic, essential nutrients important for heart health, mental function, skin health and many other body functions. Too little fat in the diet can also prevent the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, such as A,D,E and K.

I don't eat sweets, what about the desserts?
Keep in mind that we use no white sugar or artificial sweeteners. We sweeten our desserts with raw, organic coconut nectar. This sweetener has a mild effect on the blood sugar and is not fattening. Our desserts taste amazing yet they are health food!

Do you make substitutions?
No. In order to offer hand-made, raw, gourmet, food made with the finest organic ingredients, at a reasonable price, we make only standard orders.

How can you make things like pizza if the food isn't cooked?
Our breads and crusts are made in a food dehydrator and dried at a low temperature (105 degrees) to maintain their nutritional integrity. Our cheeses and sauces etc. are all blended from fresh, raw, vegan ingredients.

Is this food vegan?
Yes! We use no animal products whatsoever!

The menu says "cheese" and "creamy" what ingredients are you using to make things cheesy and creamy?
Because we use only vegan ingredients, our cheeses and creamy dishes are made with nuts and seeds such as raw almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, pine nuts and sunflower seeds etc.

Do you use organic produce or ingredients?
Yes! RAWvolution believes strongly in the health benefits and sustainability that organic food promotes and we use organic ingredients exclusively. This also means we use no foods that have been genetically modified!

I'm allergic to certain foods you serve. What should I do?

We use peanuts, almonds, cashews, coconuts, pecans, walnuts, sesame seeds and other nuts, seeds and potential allergens in a great many of our dishes and cannot guarantee the complete absence of any single ingredient we use in any dish that we serve. If you have been known to have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients we serve, we cannot in good faith, encourage you to employ our services. If you do so; it is solely at your own risk. Though we would love the opportunity to serve you; we hope you will understand that your health and safety is our chief concern.

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